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Today's investors are well aware of the potential rewards of equity investing.  But most
people lack the time and expertise necessary to make sound day-to-day investment
decisions.  That's why many people seek the advice and guidance of a professional
financial advisor.

As your Retirement Advisor, I can guide you in designing an investment plan that reflects
where you are and where you want to be.  Together we can explore the variety of
investment products and services available to you, and select the options that are
suitable for your goals.

The first step is to determine your financial objectives and assess your tolerance for risk.
When your goals for the future are clear, we can then formulate a strategy to help you try
to reach them.

Once your investment plan has been implemented, the next step
is to track your progress.  Changing market conditions are a given,
and over time, your financial situation may change as well.  As such,
monitoring your investments to ensure your portfolio remains in line
with your objectives is important.  Periodic adjustments may be
recommended in an effort to take advantage of potential opportunities
and reduce the effects of market downturns.

We can meet regularly to discuss your financial situation, and to review your portfolio's
performance.  And, if you should have any questions in between our meetings, I am
always just a phone call away.
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